Titan Planet Homestay was involved in the cultural exchange program abroad since year 1999 and with the love of it concept and values. Established the organization in mid 2003. Titan Planet is an organization committed to facilitating intercultural understanding, global competence and friendship. We accomplish these goals through passion, innovative homestay and youth exchange programs throughout the world.

Our main activity is to arrange home stay; cultural exchange program from Malaysia to International or via verse. We are working closely with International Cultural Exchange Organization. The main purpose is to provide the opportunities, platform and gateway for people to experience home stay; promote cultural exchange; enhance mutual understanding; learning the language and friendly

Why Choose Titan Planet?

Titan Planet is committed to providing our ambassadors/delegates with quality instruction and outstanding cultural experiences, while creating memories and friendships that will last a life time. Homestay is an integral part of our programs. Ambassadors are placed in foreign homes and become part of the family. Our Host Families are carefully selected by our International Cultural Exchange Organization so that our ambassadors and host families are matched based on common interests and personalities. Titan Planet homestay experience is complemented by the fundamentals learned while participating in local daily life and group activities held by International Cultural Exchange Organization.

As we knows, education is slowly changing but the truth is that, improvement to language education is centered mainly on English language instruction. In the future, children will be the ones working hand in hand with others around the world to produce a global village. Then, it is necessary to provide them with an environment where such skills and understanding can be nurtured?

International Homestay program is an interesting activities. When participating in a homestay oversea, the ambassadors who involved in this program will get a better understanding of the cultures and it languages. Through such a program, the ambassadors will gain true inside perspective on foreign cultures, lifestyle, language and it people.

Thus, the most exciting aspect of homestay activities is making friends and forming relationship with other human beings. It is through relationship that language is nourish and develops most easily and most enjoyable.

Starting 2006, Titan Planet Homestay open the opportunity and recruit Malaysian host families to host International exchange students, guests and visitors. We sincerely welcome all International Homestay Organisation members come to Malaysia and stay with our host family and get to know our unique culture and multi racial nation. Selamat Datang Ke Malaysia!

Message from President

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope you will find something useful to plan

I was an ambassador of the exchange program for several times since 1999 before I setup Titan Planet Homestay Network. With my enthusiasm, interest in this program and the support from people who share and love foreign cultures like me. Titan Planet Homestay Network finally established in mid year 2003 together with my partners to promote and organising the exchange program.

Our Homestay International partner are all well established Cultural Exchange and Homestay Organization. We support each other to promote the homestay program hand in hand to make this world a better place to stay and appreciate human values.

Homestay program is the best way to travel the world and meeting new friends. You will be visiting places that travel agency will not be able to provide you.

We are the real traveller not a tourist! Our program are unique and extra-ordinary that only offered by Titan Planet.

Titan Planet Homestay Netwrok are always in seek for new partners in uniques program to fit into our organisation. We want to be the unique organiser which provide a great platform to great people to participate our program.

Year 2007, Titan Planet Homestay Network welcome Malaysian family to be part of our Host Family program and welcome foreign students and tourist to stay with them for a homestay. This program will enrich your family member lifestyle, knowledge and values. For more info, just check out our website or send us an email to request more info!

We welcome you to join our vision and experience the journey together with us and meeting wonderful people around the globe!

Look forward to see you onboard!


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