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HOMESTAY APPLICATIONREQUIREMENTS FOR APPLYINGThe participants must be motivated, flexible, open-minded, curious, adaptable to new situations, and should have a sense of humor. Participants should also possess good written and oral communication skills.

Remember! This program is not primarily for sightseeing, recreation, leisure or holiday purposes... It's only for...
  1. Those who are keen to know and learning others culture, languages and making friend with others.
  2. Those who understand and able to comply with the instructions of the local and international organiser requirement and standard of the purpose for the Cultural Exchange program.
  3. Those who are from 10 to 45 years of age and currently studying or working. For those who are keen on the program but fall under or above the age category, please contact or email us before applying.
  4. Those who are in good health and preferable non smoker.
  5. Those who can participate for the entire length of the program.
  6. Those who are willing to proactively communicate with host family, like children and participate in the scheduled activities.

Fill In Application Form and attending Interview

Our application will be based on first come first serve basic. Once we met the quota. Titan Planet will close the application earlier even before the closing date. To avoid disappointment. Please make your appointment to meet up with our facilitator as earlier as possible. We will reject the application base on last in first out due to host family unavailable.

Please download the Application Form and fill in all items together with 2 copies of 3R or 4R photos of yourself or together with friends or family (one with full body shot and the other with half body shot. No cap/hat and black spectacles). Photos must be taken within 6 months. Incomplete forms will not be processed. Application Form can be downloading from this page at the RIGHT top column. Please email your application form or fax it to us. After we received your Application form we will call you for an interview. The objective of the interview is to allow us to know more about you; and make sure you're understanding the terms and condition of our homestay program. Your application success or fail will be reply in a week time or less. When you are accepted, we will inform you by either call you or email you an acceptance letter. Then you should apply your leave and pay some deposit. Now, you can proceed with Step 2 and 3.

 Submitting Recommendation Letter / Company Letter / VISA

The form or letter should be filled out by one of your teachers, professor's guardian or employer. Please be sure these forms should have the authorized seal of your school or by company letterhead. (Your teacher’s / professor’s seal is also acceptable). You can also download the example of the documents for <Recommendation Letter from Company> or <Guardian Letter> from this page at the RIGHT top column. Applications will be processed in order they are received. Acceptance of applications will stop as soon as the number of participants reaches the full quota, even if it is reached before the closing date. In this case, we will put the subsequent applicants who apply before the deadline on a waiting list. If participants cancel, applicants from the waiting list will be given seats. We recommend that you apply as early as possible.

Requirement of documentations for applying VISA

1. VISA Application Form
2. Two (2) Passport size color photos (must be taken within 6 months)
    (for Japan VISA, photos must be approx. 45mm ×45mm, 2in X 2in)
3. International Passport with 7 months validity


6. a). Current Form J or EA form; and
    b). Current Salary Slip 
7. a). Current Fixed Deposit Statement OR
    b). Current Bank Statement
8. Marriage Certification (only apply if husband and wife going together)
9. Birth Certification (only apply if children going with parent)

(All Photostatted copy must be on A4 size paper)

Upon receiving all the necessary documentation. We will begin to process your application with International Homestay HQ to arrange your host family. At the same time, we require your PASSPORT to apply for VISA and booking your Air Ticket. You also will be asked to fill in Japan VISA application form.

Training (Orientation)

We look for the best on every Ambassador who signed up our program. We are traveling to learn about other countries cultures while we're representing Malaysia. Impressions will be created in anywhere. Our behavior will leave lasting impressions, and we want to make them GOOD.

Ambassadors should learn about the customs of the country before they travel. Ambassadors should keep in mind that they are there to learn and should be ready to SHARE the experience. Ambassadors will experience life in a foreign country AND share information about their own hometown and country. So, we work as a team. We provides training for you (there will be a lesson on weekend, one month or less before departure), the training attendance is compulsory.

Compulsory Attendance
1. Orientation Day / Foreign Etiquette Understanding / Homestay briefing and etc.
2. Intensive simple daily foreign language conversation class


Deposit of RM100 upon Reservation of your application is required. When you are accepted, we require a deposit of RM500 (Non-refundable) to Comfirm your application and host family. Full payment need to be paid after Closing date when all documentation and VISA is confirmed. If you leave outside from KL, please pay the participation fee with a postal transfer form. You can arrange payment at any post office or bank.

Be sure to fill in the amount to be paid, your name, address, phone number and the name of school or company. Since it will take 5 days or more for us to confirm your payment, we recommend that you do so as early as possible. Your participation will be automatically cancelled if your payment is not confirmed within 10 days after we send an acceptance letter to you.


Cancellation Fee and Refund

Take Note: After the Closing Date. All application and payment will be taken as valid and confirmed. If you due to some vital reason cancel the application before the closing date, RM100 of administration fee will be deducted from your deposit. After the closing date and you wish to cancel the application due to some vital reason. A 50% of the deposit will be forfeited and deduct from your deposit.

No refund will be made to participants who drop out of the program for personal reasons. We required a valid letter or documentation from you to proof it. In addition, Titan Planet will blacklist your name for future application.

Full refunds only apply when your application was rejected or there is no host family available to host you on the time of application.

Important Documents
  Click to download the form:1. Application Checklist2. Application FormWord Document File    You can choose either PDF or Word
    Document file format to fill up the     Homestay Application form and send
    it to us
3. Company Letter4. Guardian Letter    (apply to student who sponsor by     parent or guardian)5. VISA Application Form(Select your visiting or homestay
     country Immigration or Embassy
     Canada (IMM 5257)
     Australia (Photocopy your Passport                          front page for us )
6. Travel Insurance Form

    Download Acrobat Reader
     Download the Adobe Reader to read
     the document

Mailing Address
  Hotline : 019-6638336
  Fax : 03-2283 2505

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