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Malaysian Host Family Application

Who Can Be the Host Family?

Titan Planet Homestay understands that "Family" can include people from many walks of life. Our host families represent the diversity of Malaysian. Titan Planet Homestay families include:

Families with children and teenagers
Families without children
Retired people
Families with grandparents living in the same home
People from many different ethnic and religious backgrounds
Single parent families with children and teenagers
Expatriate which either husband or wife is carrying Malaysian Nationality
Expatriate but have a valid PR and stay more than 10 years in Malaysia

Host Family Qualities

Have a genuine interest in other cultures and nationalities
Be warm and compassionate
Willing to share and keen to learn new things
Have a sincere interest in International exchange program
Make your International exchange student or visitor safety both in and outside the home a priority
Have spare time to take care International exchange student or visitor while hosting
All members of the family think this is a good idea including your pet!

Host Family Requirements:

The host family must be Malaysia Citizen or Expatriate who tread Malaysia as his/her home
English must be capable to spoke as the first language. However, it is non-compulsory. Other Malaysian languages should be used when the International exchange student or visitor is present. This includes phone conversations and interaction with other guests in your home.
The host family must provide 3 nutrition meals per day.
The host family may not have more than 2 International exchange student or visitor in their home during the stay.
The host family must provide a safe home, a private bedroom for our International exchange student or visitor.
The room must have at least one window, and be fully furnished and finished. The rooms must be in good air circulation for fan or air-conditional installed to the comfort of the guest.
The guest room cannot be shared with another visitor or family member, unless our visitors request 2 people per room
The host family will not leave the International exchange student or visitor alone in the home for overnight or consecutive nights, without an immediate adult, relative, or an adult present in the home to care for their visitor
The host family will include the International exchange student or visitor in family activities and outings.

Minimum Standard

Room : A private room for each student
Furniture : Proper bed and bedding, dresser, desk, chair, desk lamp, wastebasket, closet.
Access to bathroom facilities and other common areas in the house.
Access to laundry facilities.

General to all visitors:
Provide 3 Malaysia healthy meals a day and snacks (recommended: such as biscuit, yogurt, fresh fruits, milk, juice, tea/coffee etc). Need to be accessible to the exchange student or visitor.

Japanese visitors: Avoid too spicy and oily foods. Also avoid too sour and sweet foods. Prepare a lot of cold mineral water in fridge.


Breakfast: Well balanced Malaysian foods. Coffee, milk, yogurt, cereal, bread, rice, eggs, or pancakes will be great.
Lunch: Might consist of normal Malaysian foods. Soup, rice, sandwiches or a variety of other foods can be considered. Please ask your guest if you not sure what their taste is like.
Dinner: Well balanced Malaysian foods with the family. An evening meal will be prepared and left if the family is not home occasionally or if the student or visitor come home late from outing.
Snacks: should be available when needed
Weekends: (flexible to both parties)

Expectations of Homestay Parents

Preferable English can be spoken when the exchange student is present. Please refer to the exchange student or visitor homestay application letter to discover what languages can be understood by him/her.
Include the exchange student or visitor in all family activities.
Help exchange students to adjust to the Malaysian lifestyle and explain about the custom in your home.
Help with Checklist: Public transportation routes, Do's and Don't, Safety, etc. Assist in transportation if needed.
Inform the exchange student or visitor when you will be away.
Provide appropriate supervision for the exchange student or visitor.
Treat the exchange student or visitor with respect and tolerance.
Ensure that the exchange student or visitor is not required to baby-sit
Contact Titan Planet Homestay coordinator if difficulties arise.
Meet with the coordinator and exchange student or visitor to work towards resolving problem issues.
Upon accepting the exchange student or visitor. Please try not to have any plans to be away from home during the exchange student or visitor homestay period.

YES! I had read and understand all term and policy set by Titan Planet Homestay. I am bound to follow all term and policy and act as a quality Malaysian host family member. I am ready and keen to become a Malaysian Host Family!

Thanks for keen to be part of the Malaysian host family. Please click the following link to download the Host Family Application Form. Fill in all necessary information as much as you can. Also tell us what is the best time to call you. We will get back to you soon!


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