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Malaysian Host Family Guidelines

When you are hosting an exchange student or visitor, you become an ambassador of our beautiful country. Malaysia has a lot to offer and show the world what Malaysian really means.

Malaysia families are kind, hospitable, and do not need to be reminded of their responsibilities and commitments. However, we have set the following guidelines for all host families to adhere to, as we also set guidelines for the exchange student or visitor, in order to make the best homestay experience for both parties.

Guidelines as following:

  1. The host family is required to avoid treating the exchange student or visitor as a tenant, but make the student or visitor feel welcome and be tolerant of the student's foreign customs and habits. Nevertheless a host family must be always understanding, and patient toward the exchange student or visitor.
  2. During the exchange student or visitor stay, the host family is required to show the exchange student or visitor how to get to places of interest such as schools, community centre, attractions and the use of public transportation.
  3. The exchange student or visitor must be provided with a nice clean private room with basic furniture such us:
    3.1. Comfortable bed (includes linen, duvet cover, blanket and two pillows)
    3.2. Alarm clock/radio
    3.3  A window and good air ventilation with fan or air-condition
    3.4. Work desk with chair and desk lamp with sufficient lighting
    3.5. Closet and a mirror
  4. Every day the host family must provide nutritious meals mostly home made. The meals especially dinner should be served in family gathering and exchange student or visitor must feel welcome to the table at all times. Healthy snacks need to be accessible to the exchange student or visitor.
  5. Only one student or visitor is allowed per room, unless there is a special request by the homestay applicant for sharing accommodation.
  6. Host family must make sure that the student has a quiet environment as well as quiet time to sleep and rest.
  7. Under no circumstances the host family must neither accept nor request any favors such as house cleaning, shopping, moving or lifting heavy items, gardening, baby sitting, etc…
  8. The host family is not allowed to lend or offer any type of vehicle to the student or visitor even they have the International lisence.
  9. As you should carry insurance for passengers in your car, you should also have sufficient home and liability insurance in place. Titan Planet Homestay does not assume any responsibilities for any injuries suffered by the student or visitor while in the host family care.
  10. If any physical or verbal abuse occurs, the exchange student or visitor will be removed from the home immediately. The incident will be reported to the police, and legal actions taken. (Applies to both the host family and exchange student & visitor)
  11. If the host family has any concerns that cannot discuss directly with the exchange student or visitor, please contact your Titan Planet representative as soon as possible.
  12. Host family must never keep the exchange student or visitor waiting outside the home. To avoid such situation a spare key can be helpful or alternative.
  13. A homestay minors or young student must not be left home without the host family supervision.
  14. If homestay exchange student or visitor will accompany host family on holidays, outings, or trips, host family must pay for accommodation and food. The student or visitor must pay for his or her own travel arrangements, admission tickets, or personal expenses. If the exchange student or visitor will not join the host family, he or she must not be left alone. Alternate homestay arrangements must be made and approved by a Titan Planet representative.
  15. An increasing number of International exchange students visiting Malaysia have disabilities such as blindness or being in a wheelchair, please let us know in your application if you or your family is capable of hosting an exchange student with any type of disability.
  16. Homestay families should not allow exchange students or visitors to have long distance call. Best, if host family can provide Internet via a modem through a long distance ISP (Internet service provider). Alternative, a reverse charge call, please inform International exchange student or visitor the rate of call charged per minute apply to whichever country he wish to made. Titan Planet Homestay will not assume any responsibility regarding long distance charges.
  17. The host family should do the laundry for exchange students, or familiarize them with the use of washer and dryer so they can do their own laundry.
  18. To qualified as a host family. Upon a successful inspection and interview by Titan Planet Homestay representative to visit and meet up with host family home and family members. This inspection will conduct once a year or necessary for more visits. This is to ensure host family keeps to the standard of their commitment and responsibility.
  19. Host family must explain to exchange student or visitor how to evacuate the home in case of an emergency.
  20. All members of the family must be willing to accept and host an exchange student or visitor. Please make sure that all members of your family agree and not just going along with the idea of hosting an exchange student or visitor for fun. It is such a wonderful experience, but must be welcomed by everyone in your household including your pet!
  21. While the exchange student or visitor may be invited to attend religious services, the family should not apply any pressure to attend. The family should learn about the student or guest belief and culture and respect them. The family should be always being willing to direct the student to his religion's place of worship if required. Host family must always respect the religious beliefs of the student or guest.
  22. Titan Planet Homestay reserves the right to move the exchange student or visitor with reason. The family will be immediately refunding the payment to Titan Planet Homestay. Please note moving a student or visitor does not mean termination of homestay provider agreement.
  23. Should a host family like to terminate homestay occupancy, reservation, or provider agreement, the host family must give the Titan Planet Homestay a minimum of two weeks up to one month time to find alternate homestay arrangements.
  24. Termination of homestay provider agreement can happen in case of breach of homestay agreement or host family guidelines and responsibilities.
  25. Titan Planet Homestay neither guarantees nor promise occupancy to the host family. Titan Planet Homestay placement is based on request and application basis.
  26. Host family can accept reservations from other agencies, but cannot accept another student or booking for the same time when Titan Planet Homestay has a student booking or occupied room at the host family home.
  27. Host family should not have any discrimination against exchange student or visitor.
  28. As a user of this website and our company services, as a potential host family, you must agree to our privacy policy and if your receive any information or material from us regarding homestay placement, the information and materials provided to you will stay confidential and that it will be only be used for purpose of making a decision regarding accepting or rejecting a homestay offer.

All families who wish to be recruited by Titan Planet Homestay must agree and comply with the above host family guidelines. Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you. Please do not forget to fill out the Host Family Application Form and send your application to us..

Behavior Change

The Homestay coordinator must be notified if the exchange student or visitor is having difficulty with change in behavior patterns, eating habits, change in sleeping patterns or any thing that may arises.

Homestay Courtesies
These are based on past experiences and intended as suggestions only. Please inform the exchange student or visitor of these things in the first few days with you. (Family routines, where snacks are kept, show them a few things in the kitchen, the do's and don'ts with your personal things). Arrangement for use of the phone should be discussed in advance (i.e. long distance call and/or lengthy of calls, payment of phone bill).

House Rules
We recommend that house rules be written clearly and posted on the exchange student bedroom door in order to ensure a mutual understanding of meal times, laundry schedules, deadline times for incoming phone calls in the evening, time limits for bathroom use, etc. Please keep in mind that they are teenager and that rules are hard for any teenage student to follow.

It is preferable that no exchange student or visitor moves during the school term. However, if either the student or the homestay host feels it is necessary to change homestay, the matter must be referred to the Homestay Coordinator. In the sole opinion of the Homestay Coordinator, if concerns cannot be resolve, the exchange student will be placed in a different homestay immediately with no advance notice or obligation. Removal will result in the immediate termination of this Agreement and any obligation of the Homestay Services.

All families are expected to provide a welcoming and secure environment. The Homestay Coordinator has a right to move the exchange student or visitor immediately. Homestay Coordinator reserves the right to terminate the family's participation in the program.

Length of Homestay
It is expected that most homestay will be occupy in anytime. However, begin in March, International School Summer Holiday breaks from July till August and year end will be the peak season. Length of stay will be from a few days, 1 to 2 weeks, few months, one year or other.

If the family takes a holiday during the student or visitor exchange period, the exchange student or visitor would be expected to pay for travel and personal expenses and the host family pay for accommodations and food. If the exchange student does not choose to accompany the family on such holidays, a temporary homestay arrangement must be made and approved by the Homestay Coordinator.

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