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Malaysian Host Family Introduction
You Can Make A Wonderful World!At Titan Planet Homestay, we believe that the greatest way to learn the true heart and soul of a culture is not through a tour of its monuments, but by opening your heart and home to a young person or guest from a distant land.

What is Host Family?

Becoming a host family is such a great way to form worldwide friendships and offer help to International exchange students, young and adult visitors from abroad. Students and visitors from all over the world approach Titan Planet directly or via international organizations to seek assistance in finding qualified host families in Malaysia. If you think that you can open your homes and accommodate an International Exchange Student or Visitor into your lifestyle. To offer them support, guidance and a home away from home caring, we certainly would like to hear from you.

We are pleased to know that you would like to host an International exchange student or visitor to your home. Hosting a student or visitor to your home can be a very exciting at the same time rewarding! Most of our International exchange student or visitor are usually from as young as 10 years of age to adult. However, we may have younger students coming to participate in a short term summer or winter program. Exchange Students usually stay from a 1 to 2 weeks to several months. They are here to exchange both country interesting cultures, meeting new friends and learn your languages and lifestyle as part of their interest. During this time you will have the opportunity to welcome a new member into your family and learn about other interesting cultures.

If you offer what it takes to help International exchange student or visitor, the following is for you and your family to consider before you apply to become a host family with Titan Planet Homestay:
We enjoy meeting and helping people.
We could easily welcome visitor as friends into my home and life.
We have a guest room that is private, clean and comfortable and meet minimum

All members of my family think this is a great idea.
Convenience to provide guest with 3 meals a day.
We are willing to help and provide all the necessary information regarding public
   transport. We will show the visitor how to get to the school, the city, the nearest bus
   stop or train station. A copy of the local area map or timetable would be beneficial.
Our visitor should be provided a comfortable bed, wardrobe and a study desk or table
   with a reading light and a chair.
Our guest is welcome to use my washing machine and dryer by themselves. (You
   may like to offer to do their washing).

We will greet our visitor upon his or her arrival and departure. We will not go on holiday or leave home during the visitor stay. If an emergency causes an unpredicted absence, I will let the guest and Titan Planet Homestay coordinator know as soon as possible.

Titan Planet Homestay has setup some guidelines for host families applicants. To find out more about host family guidelines, please refer Guidelines

Benefits of Being a Host Family

Host families help International exchange student or visitor learn about other cultures making life long friends, and on a grander scale contribute to increasing tolerance, understanding, and peace in the world.

Host families appreciate the new and life long friendships they make with their guests. Many of our families enjoy the companionship of having an International exchange student or visitor in their home to enrich their own family.

Host families experience a renewed sense of peace and sharing, as they open their homes to visitors. Many host children and teenagers especially enjoy the experience of gaining a new International brother or sister to live with. The family gains a greater understanding of living in love and harmony with others.

Hosting an International exchange student or visitor is so rewarding that most of our host families take in International exchange student or visitor on a regular basis.

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