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JapanChong Yoon Kueen Property Valuation Assistant
(Tokoname, Japan)

I am indeed honored to be part of the family and I strongly believe our bond will never be affected by the distance between us. Home stay in Tokoname-shi is simply one of the best experiences of my life and I have to admit that to certain extend, it does broader my view and having some significant influences in me.
JapanSteven Kiyoda Head Of Program
(Tokoname, Japan)

We are suprise and happy to arrive on the best time and season. We are arrive on the day of 'Pottery Anniversary Celebration', which there have fire work near the beach side. It is beautiful and memorable.
JapanK.Y. Chen Executive
(Tokyo, Japan)

Most people like to travel; setting foot on places with different culture and environment. It is like looking at the scrumptious cake through the glass window. Why not take a step closer? Try home stay; the taste of being part of it.
Marry Voon Executive
(Mexico City, Mexico)

One other thing that is very impressive about Mexico is to see the culture of Mexico still alive everywhere. There are so many talented musicians who could still play all the traditional music, people who are still dancing and singing to the tune of pure Mexican music and dances like Salsa, Samba, Rumba and many others.
KoreaJapanTerri Chai Marketing Executive
(Hokkaido, Japan)

This homestay experience was indeed an eye opener for me. I would believe that this experience that I gained from the homestay was far more worth it if I would just be a tourist and travel to Japan.
I came across people that are genuinely kind and friendly and are not bothered with barriers such as race; skin colors; languages and many more. These statements are especially true for my homestay families in Sapporo.
KoreaJapanKaren Fong Meng Chu Housewife
(Hokkaido, Japan)
這是我第二次去日本homestay在北海道的這一次homestay帶給我很warm, 開心 ,和興奮感覺 .這次的也帶給我很多很多的 第一次. 例如: 第一 次遇見下雪 真是一個好日子.   當時 我和 一大 班 馬來西亞 的朋友 們去otaru剛 巧遇到下雪,心里有說不 出的興奮.
JapanKan Wei Yeng, Vanessa Customer Service
(Hokkaido, Japan)

What is home stay? Basically, it's staying in a home away from one's own home or so I thought. With much curiosity and excitement I signed up for this program. Since this is not a tour and it's my first time participating, I was overjoyed when I learnt that I was accepted and was really looking forward to it.
TaiwanJapanLim Soo Keong Regional Sales Engineer
(Okinawa, Japan & Taipei, Taiwan)

I have always wanted to visit Japan and opportunity came when I stumbled across the homestay program organized by Titan Planet in the internet late year 2004. There were many homestay locations and time to choose from, but I chose Okinawa, because it's well known for its beautiful beaches and it will be during summer, where the weather is warm and furthermore, homestay is where we get to meet and live with locals, which is very different from a tour.
JapanSteven Kiyoda Head Of Program
(Aichi, Japan)

Best experience & frinedship that money can't buy. So, this is my best homestay experience I ever had. The best decision made to homestay again in Nagoya. Each of our homestay experiences is unique and special. This trip I am really shares my heart with my Japanese host family.

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