Susono-city , Shizuoka - Tokyo

My host mother Ayako-san, two host sister and myself
3 ~ 12 April 2004

Saw Wen Nie
A Memorable and Heart Warming Experience

It was excited when I accepted to go Japan, Tokyo for a week long home stay, cultural exchange program. As an ambassador of Malaysia, to introduce our wonderful country 'Malaysia' was my most pleasant, hassle-free and multicultural society to my host mother Ayako-san.

During car journey to my host family house in Shizuoka-ken, Susono-shi (located near to Mountain Fuji) from Tokyo. I found myself surrounded by beautiful Cherry Blossom & the spectacular Mountain Fuji. Friendly & cheerful Ayako-san, she tried her best to communicate with me. I enjoyed every moment with her & her two little lovely daughter Miki-chan & Saki-chan.

I had noticed and learned that, Japanese family member are very close to each other. At night, there sleep together on a Futon (cotton-filled matters). As what my host mother told me, the futon will be kept and put into a special closet to convert the room from bedroom to living and dining room during daytime. This is because the spaces are limited in Japanese house.

Beside that, my host had a special bathroom called Ofuru (Japanese bath). This rectangular tub is filled with hot water. Before get into the tub, once washes with soap and rinses off while sitting on a small little stool next to the bath. After washes yourself or shower then only enters the tub for Ofuru. The whole family will used the same tub of water included me as a guest. It is my pleasure to have this as a respect from my host as I am a part of this family.

It was really a memorable and heart warming experience. It was a sad feeling when I have to leave my host family after spending a 10 days beautiful time together. It was a poignant and touching moment, when I shared with my family & friends back in Malaysia. Thank you to Ayako host family member, Hippo Family Club member (Japan) and not to missed the Titan Planet organizer (Malaysia).

I am really had a great time and cultural exchange experience.... Wow!

by: Saw Wen Nie - Manager
Nilai, Seremban