Tokoname City, Aichi

I was welcomed by my 2 host family members at Nagoya Int'l airport arrival hall
23 Aug - 6 Sep 2003


Steven Kiyoda
One thing had never changed and that is our friendship

We are arriving at the best time and date
This summer I went to Nagoya for my two weeks homestay program. It was the best cultural and educational experience of my life so far.

First and foremost I would like to thanks my host family especially Masami Todo san to make this homestay come true. Because of her, this homestay was success. We had a lot of communication and coordination before the program start somewhere in May, we want to ensure this homestay will be enjoyable, packed with exchange activities, meaningful and memorable. At last, we all thumb up and celebrate our success! We had a good match of host family and Malaysia ambassador. We are suprise and happy to arrive on the best time and session. We are arrive on the day of 'Pottery Anniversary Celebration', which there have fire work near the beach side. It is beautiful and memorable.

One thing had never change and that is our friendship
This is my second visit to Japan and stay with the same host families. They had invited me every year after my first visit to their family. They are very kind and caring person just like my lovely parent. After 4 years, finally I make it to reunion with my host families again. 4 years later, a lot of things had changed in Japan especially my host family lifestyle. Children had grown up, technology had advanced, however one thing had never change and that is our friendship. Our friendship become more solid and understands each other better.

Even since my first homestay in year 1999, it had broader my view in term of relationship with people and having some significant influences in looking at my life and beyond. This changes is simply because you have live the daily life with the people in the most advanced country and high discipline. More or less it will directly impact to your sub-concise mind. Just imagine that, the way you live now can be totally improve and change through the effective system that everyday and everyone are practicing and applying it. This is the unique lifestyle in Japan especially their culture, community and believes. You have to be there to experience and feel it for yourself and understand it.

Only can be offer through cultural exchange program
Homestay to Japan are really a rewarding trip for me. I had learned skills of preparation and making of Japanese Somen (cold noodle), noodle which serve in summer season and a unique and faster way to fold a T-shirt. Tested baseball electronic batting game, experiencing onsen, joined the primary school cleaning day, went to Nagoya-city by train our self, cycling around Tokonama-city, witness firecracker scene in Japan Pottery Festival, visit to the nursery school and sing a Malaysia song to kids. Our program is packed with action, fun, laugh, eating and every first time experience that only can be offer through cultural exchange program.

I am truly enjoyed all the daily activities

Many thanks to my host family in Tokoname-chi Todo's family (also include Yasutoshi Todo, Masami Todo, Keishi Todo, Soshi Todo, Zenshi Todo & Umi Todo) and Handa-chi Higuchi's family (also include Takashi Higuchi, Keiko Higuchi, Shintaro Higuchi & Daiki Higuchi). I am truly enjoyed all the daily activities with them through the whole duration of my homestay. Most of my wish list was fulfilled. You all have been so great and helpful to me. Not forgetting Yaeo, Asada and Watanabe family member and all other Hippo Family Club member who help and support us during our stay at Japan. I love all of you!

It is a pleasure for me to knowing all of you. I am welcome all of you to visit Malaysia in the coming future. I will be happy to be your great host and guide to show you my lovely and beautiful country.

I absolutely advice people who want to learn Japanese culture, study Japanese language and make friends with Japanese to apply for homestay program!

by: Steven Kiyoda - Head Of Program
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur




Frist time experience for Kendo class. Invited by my host father Yasu-san who is the Kendo master

Tokoname is one of the oldest & famous pottery making places. Most of the Japanese houses and restaurant pottery product are made from here. Tokoname - it is also Japan the largest pottery export town.

Nagoya Pottery Festival, firework at the beach side. Most of the ladies wear kimono out to celebrate this festival

Daily delicious home made Japanese meal by my host family. I love it ...

A day outing. Osu town the shopping paradise. It is a good experience that you travel Japan by your own. Your will then learned the transportation system, road sign, town planning and people who lived here. It's real adventure as you not really sure all the Japanese text surrounding you. Just ask when you loss. People there are very helpful.

Nursery school visit, we crowded by children. We sing a song and play together. I am meeting 2 new little friends over here.

First time hand on experience with Pachinko. It is a cheap form of gambling for everyone in Japan. It is like part of Japan life. You can find Pachinko in everywhere and every part of Japan.