Terri Chai (Hokkaido, Sapporo City)
My Japan - Sapporo lovely host family: Otoosan Masahito Shimakami-san,
host mother Mitsuko-san and cute Otouto Sunao-kun

Homestay Experience was indeed an eye opener for me

This homestay experience was indeed an eye opener for me. I would believe that this experience that I gained from the homestay was far more worth it if I would just be a tourist and travel to Japan and Seoul.

I came across people that are genuinely kind and friendly and are not bothered with barriers such as race; skin colors; languages and many more. These statements are especially true for my homestay families in Sapporo - Shimakami's host Family, thanks to host otoosan Masahito-san, host okasan Mitsuko-san and Sunao-kun. For Korea - Hwang's host family, I would like to thanks to host appa Hwang Bon Sik, host omma Kim Youn-Joo, host sister Hwang Sewon and host brother Hwang Seung Hwan.

They have shown me the utmost hospitality by accepting a stranger like me into their home and family. I think this is one of the best gifts that one could ever had as this attitude eliminates social prejudice which is what the whole world is facing right now. Should there be more of people with this kind of attitude in this world, I would really believe that human sufferings would be greatly reduced.

Terri Chai (Korea, Kyunggi-do)
  Now that I have experience this kind of gratitude and hospitality from my homestay families, I am keen to help to spread this kind of message and attitude to everyone around me. I would want to implant in them that we should look at people beyond their race and skin colors.

A big bravo and thumbs up for organizations such as Hippo Family Club as they are the ones that made it possible for our homestay dreams to come true. In addition to that, the Hippo Family Club is also the one who brings the whole world closer together and I will not hesitate to give my full support to achieve that dream.

Last but not least, a big thank you to Titan Planet Malaysia for making my dreams come true. In order to share my wonderful experience and also a keen interest to help to eliminate barriers across all borders, I would like to offer my time and support to Titan Planet Malaysia. I would like to help those who share the same dreams & vision as I do, to achieve them.

by: Terri Chai, Marketing Executive
Petaling Jaya, Selangor


I was selected to be the Group Leader for Batch 8. I was so surprise and excited about it. Batch 7 Group Leader, Eveline Wong pass me the flag in the ceremony.

This is my house dinner party. My host family invited Hippo members here. A lot of foods to try & taste.

One of my Japanese meal at home.

We attended Welcome party on Sunday. All of Malaysia ambassadors attended. It is full of fun and cheers!

I had a Japanese Tea ceremony class. I was patiently learn from my teacher step by step. This is sort of what we call Cultural Exchange!

Winter..! Snow... in our outing day to Otaru. Very happy and excited with this environment. Cool...man!

Orange and Red maple leaf scattering the Sapporo Factory Hypermarket.

Last day! My host brother Sunao-kun don't want me to leave him. He hugged me so tight! Very touching to see him act like this. Our bond and friendship just started on this day. Don't worry!
I will always keep in touch with you!

Korea host family brought me to visit Lotte World Theme Park, Seoul. Fun...fun...fun!