Wilson Goh (Hokkaido, Sapporo City)
My Japan host mother 'Ikuko Fusada', myself, host brother 'Takuya-kun',
host sister 'Kyou-chan' and host father
'Tatsuya Fusada'

13 ~ 19 Nov 2004

For me, it's like a paradise, a beautiful, and a place full of traditional history & culture. I always watch TV program showing "Why Hokkaido has so much funs" & always wanted to go to Hokkaido. Thanks to Titan Planet. My dream had come true.

This is the 2nd time I visit Japan for homestay. I love this way of travel because not only you travel to the country, you will also understand the language, culture, living style & the people of that country.

Sapporo, Ainosato Prefecture - Fusada's Family
13 Nov 2004, Day 1

It was so exciting when I reached Sapporo airport. However, a little unpleasant moment as my luggage was delayed. My host was quite worried as they didn't see me coming out from the gate. Anyway, it was great to see them, my new host family, Fusada family.

Everyone of them is so kind & sincere. You can see smiles at all times. We visited Sapporo Beer Factory. You will understand from A-Z of how a can of beer produce. That's why Japanese they have a word : Kengaku , see & learn.

14 Nov 2004, Day 2

The next day morning I went to my little host sister's primary school. They had some children performance. Kyouchan (my sister) was so cute!

In the evening I went to Hippo welcome party. There I saw other Malaysian ambassadors. It was great to see them with smiles on their face! We dance, sing, play & laugh! Not only us from Malaysia, there also other country's ambassadors like Canada etc. By now, you should know why I like cultural exchange so much, where there is no border & barrier in this world!

There are 2 birds in my house, named Picchi & Kiki. They are very beautiful, yellow color birds. Okaasan even let them out from the cage. Wow! I really got a shock as this is my first time touched such a beautiful bird!

15 Nov 2004, Day 3

Today I went to Steven's house. Oi Peng also came & we cook some Malaysian dishes for them. Oishii sou? (Looks delicious, huh?)

After lunch we went to Shichigosan (7-5-3) festival. In Japan, today is the day for children celebrating their 7th, 5th, 3rd years old. Kyouchan is 6 this year, so she celebrates today as she will become 7 years old soon. I really like Kimono. It's look beautiful, & when woman wear it on, she even looks more beautiful! Like my little cute sister, Kyouchan!

In the evening we went out to Susukino, the city centre of Sapporo. Thanks to Masara san, who brought us tour around Susukino! Sorry to trouble you & made you like a weird person (coz we are weird guys!) We walk around, laugh and take pictures like nobody business!

We met with Steven's host father, other hippo friends as well. It's great to meet these Japanese friends as they are very kind, funny & nice people. Yukie san, Tetsuya san & also Genie (a very cute & beautiful girl!), glad that I met all of you guys!

16 Nov 2004, Day 4

Today is Malaysian ambassadors outing day. I woke up around 7am & it was snowing. I quickly went out & took some pictures. It was the first time I saw snow. So beautiful, fresh white & soft. I think this is how Malaysian feels as we do not have 4 seasons in our country!

We went to Otaru city, which is about 45 mins from Sapporo. It's a very beautiful place with many old buildings, souvenirs shops. The moment we arrived at Otaru station, the snow started! Wow! What a great timing we arrived! We had Ramen (Noodles) & experienced glass ashtray making. The lowest temperature was around -2° Celsius; it's something words just can't describe!

I think this is the moment I'll never forget in my life. I'm glad that I signed up the homestay program to Hokkaido.

17 Nov 2004, Day 5

Today I went to Steven's house (again?) as her host mother will bring us to visit bricks factory. At evening we had Sukiyaki. In Ebetsu city, there is a street well known as Illumination Street. A few houses decorated their house like shopping complex. Full of lights, Christmas designed house killed a lot of our films & memory space!

Later we went to Hippo gathering at our area, Ainosato (where I stay). We had hippo-styled self introduction session in various languages. What impressed me was my host brother - 'Takuya'. He can really speak various languages, i.e. Korean, Russian and etc. I think this is the reason why they like hippo activities so much!

18 Nov 2004, Day 6

Today I went to Takuya's school & also Otousan's office (Government office). Both places are very clean, neat & tidy. I think they sweep the floor at least 10 times a day!

We went to Sapporo Factory. It used to be factory, and then they converted it into shopping centre. You can see both old & new stuff in the beautiful building.

At night Steven & I took train to Tsukisamu (somewhere in Sapporo city, I also not quite sure how I got there…. Hahah…) for Hippo gathering. This is more or less like our farewell party. It's great that I met all these Hippo friends. I believe our friendship will start here!

19 Nov 2004, Day 7

Today is the last day in Sapporo. I know that I'm gonna miss my host family - Fusada's family. Thanks to okaasan, who made delicious food for me everyday (in particular, I like your miso soup! Yumyum!). Otousan, I've really learnt a lot from you in regards to Hokkaido people's life, Japan's history & Japanese's life). Takuya, I just wanna say: You are really HANDSOME! Kakkoi desu ne! You are such a shy & polite person. I think you gonna be the next star in future! Kyouchan!!!! My little cute sister. Even though I don't really understand how to play Pocket Monster card, but I enjoyed playing with you! And also not forgetting our Kanji game!

Even this was a short homestay in Sapporo, but I really enjoy my stay with you. Fusada's family, osewani narimashita, hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita! I MISS YOU ALL!!!!!

Wilson Goh (Korea, Kyunggi-do)
My Korea host omma 'Shin', host sister 'Si Won', host appa 'Choi Gil Chan'
and host brother 'Si Yong'
 19 ~ 22 Nov 2004

We boarded Korean Air & reached Korea around 5pm. Hokkaido trip is over & now we started our Korea adventure! For me this is a very new homestay experience as I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SPEAK KOREAN AT ALL! Oh my dog! Japan is not nothing new as I do speak a little Japanese. But Korea? Thanks to Miss Soni, a Hippo member who met & guided us in Korea airport. Otherwise we will lose our way, without knowing a single Korean word.

But I'm glad that my appa (father, in Korean) speaks very good English. Pheww.. Even we just met about few minutes, we talked a lot in the car. I started to learn a little history about Korea & also Korean language. Omma (mother, in Korean) cooked some Korean food when I reached home. Yumyum.. Looks delicious! Chong mal mashisoyo (very delicious, in Korean. Learnt from Steven's Japan host father, Pal san). Kamsa hamneeda!

20 Nov 2004, Day 8

In the morning I went to swimming pool with appa & omma. They really like swimming very much. Both of them are good swimmer. Appa even taught me how to swim. Omma is gonna take part in her swimming competition.

Afternoon we had lunch in one of the Korean restaurant near to our house. I even tasted Korean traditional beer, named Dong Dong Juu. According to appa, in the old days the farmer drinks this kind of beer to energize them up (since their work is very tough). It also comes with a lot of nutritious which good for health. Si Yong & Si Won are very active. They like to talk & play. Si Yong's English also very good & we can communicate easily in English. At the same time, he also taught me a lot of Korean.

At night we went to Hippo gathering, somewhere near our house. I met some other hippo members, which they also can speak more than one language. Hippo fellow, Ohimei, was very kind to extend her help to explain to me when I have doubt. I tasted a lot of Korean food, spicy food as well! I also tasted Korean wine, named Jinro.

21 Nov 2004, Day 9

Today I went to Korean Folk Village (Traditional Village) with omma, Si Yong & Si Won. Here you can understand how Korean lives in the old days. I saw how they make silk, build furniture, cook Kimchi etc. There were also some special performance shows. These are highly skilled people, showing the extraordinary performance. I also saw traditional wedding ceremony.

We went to amusement park after the show. It was great with the roller coaster, & some other fun stuff. We had our dinner at Korean BBQ restaurant. It called Sam Kyob Sal. You gotta try it coz it's really chong mal mashisoyo!

22 Nov 2004, Day 10 (Last day!!!!)

It was really a short stay (3days) with Choi's family. But we really had great times together. It was really great that my host can speak English, & even Japanese. But no matter how, language, communication can never be a barrier for human beings. We will ultimately find a way to communicate with each other, like drawings, body languages etc. If you really wanna do it, YOU CAN DO IT!

Kamsa hamneeda. I really appreciated what you guys had taught me. I think I started to love Korea. Your culture, language, & most importantly your people, in particular Choi's family, attracted me! Thank you so much!

Annyong hase yo. Chonun Wilson eemneeda. Mannaso ban gap sumneeda!

by: Wilson Goh, Bank Officer