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International Delegates Testimonial

Konatsu Katagawa - Japan
片川 小夏







片川 小夏 (2006年8月)

I've become to love Malaysia!! This was my first trip to a foreign country by myself . The destination was Malaysia. I had studied about Malaysia before I left Japan. But the impression of Malaysia was very different from what I'd thought.

It's my first time experiences overall, some of them made me so surprising. Example people in Malaysia drove cars very fast, beaches are so beautiful, especially fruits are so delicious. Yummy! Some foods were too hot for me. I could also eat Japanese foods in Malaysia. It was a really good stay.

I am very surprised that people in Malaysia speak several languages. It's very nice to know that. For example they spoke Tamil, Chinese, Malay and English languages. Most of the people who I met there spoke even Japanese!!! I should have studied other languages before I visit Malaysia. If I could speak them, I might have been able to tell them what I thought.

The most impressive thing happened to me when I went out with one of my host friend named 'Sweat'. She brought me to visit a home for the old people. We help them to cleaning up the place, we all felt very happy.

I had learned a lot in my homestay to Malaysia. If I choose to travel in a package tour,I couldn't know all those things. Everybody was so kind to me. Two weeks flew very fast and I'd still have a lot to tell everyone.

I really appreciate all of you. Especially my host Ms. Carol and her family member! Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. Terima Kasih!!

From Konatsu Katagawa - Aug 2006
Koen Van Gurp - Netherland
Koen Van Gurp
The 2 days Malaysia kampung homestay, I have really experienced the "real" Malaysia! My host family was very hospitable and friendly and took me around the kampung. I have been biking through padi fields and have been playing football with the locals.

I managed to practice a lot of Bahasa Malaysia and can say that I have many new friends now!

The whole organization was perfect; from choosing the family to arranging pick up. And even a lift all the way back to KL! GREAT!!
Terima kasih banyak banyak dan jumpa lagi :-)

Koen van Gurp
The Netherland - Nov 2009



Malaysia Homestay Testimonial
My great dinner before a trip to Kuala Selangor for Fireflies watching.
(Left to Right: Carol, Konatsu and Sweat)

Malaysia Homestay Testimonial
Kuala Terengganu trip to the beach
with Wan's family

Malaysia Homestay Testimonial
A visit to Kuala Terengganu Malay village to see how 'Keropok Ekor' was make! An educational trip for me.

  Malaysia Homestay Testimonial
Group picture with host family at food store after our local lunch

Malaysia Homestay Testimonial
Malay Kampung houses at where I am staying

Malaysia Homestay Testimonial
Group picture with my host family at Malay kampung house

Malaysia Homestay Testimonial
My great time of playing football with the locals and meet a lot of new freinds

Malaysia Homestay Testimonial
A visit to a local chicken farm

Malaysia Homestay Testimonial
Biking trip around padi field with my local friend